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Walter Stahr | Affiliated Scholar Profile

American Discovery, Vol 2. Issue 2
Walter Stahr | Affiliated Scholar ProfileAmerican Discovery, Vol 2. Issue 2

To explore the influence of biblical faith on 19th-century politics and public debate, the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center has named bestselling biographer Walter Stahr an affiliated scholar.

Following a 25-year career as a lawyer, including seven years in Hong Kong, Stahr has turned his attention to writing biographies of American leaders. 

He is the author of three books including John Jay: Founding Father (2005), New York Times Bestseller Seward: Lincoln’s Indispensable Man (2012), and Stanton: Lincoln’s War Secretary (2017). Stahr is currently working on a biography of Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase. 

Commenting on his new role at the discovery center, Stahr said “I am pleased to join the team of advisors supporting the new center. The Bible is important for all my subjects, in fact, two of them (Jay and Chase) served as officers of the American Bible Society. “

“We are very pleased to have Walter Stahr as an affiliated scholar for the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center. His expertise on 19th-century America and especially Lincoln’s cabinet members is renown,” said Faith and Liberty Discovery Center Executive Director Patrick Murdock

Stahr joins a distinguished scholarly team – top historians, religious experts and legal scholars from different religions and countries – who have shaped the narrative experience while ensuring full historical accuracy.  The team include a Pulitzer-prize winning author, the Librarian of Congress Emeritus (recently deceased), a legal historian whose scholarship has been cited by the U.S. Supreme Court, and a member of the federal commission that is planning the 2026 celebration that will mark the nation’s 250th birthday. 

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