Cleanliness, Right Next To...

American Discovery, Vol. 3 Issue 2
Cleanliness, Right Next To...American Discovery, Vol. 3 Issue 2

It’s a new world. Or so it can seem that way.  This pandemic that we’re all dealing with has brought about many changes to how businesses meet new mandates from municipal authorities, match the expectations of guests and still continue operating as “normally” as possible.  It hasn’t been easy for many businesses such as restaurants or supermarkets.  Museum and cultural attractions are no different in stepping up to the challenges of this new day.

Before continuing, it’s important to acknowledge that we pray this pandemic hasn’t impacted you or loved ones.  It is a very serious reality to our current day and as excited as we are to open the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center, we are mindful and aware that this has been a very difficult time for so many.  Our prayers are with you.

If you’ve been following us at all, and are hopefully excited about this amazing experience we plan to unveil in May 2021, you’re aware that there is a very specific “touch” element to it.  All guests will receive an interactive handheld device, a Lamp as it’s known, that is used to interact with exhibits and allow you to curate your own personal collection based on the values you feel most drawn to throughout the galleries.  That curated experience you create will then be made available uniquely to you online.  It will be yours to learn more about and share with others.  So using the Lamp is a critical part of our experience.

There are a variety of strategies we’ve been planning in order to maintain the cleanliness of the Lamps and the facility.  Of course we’re paying close attention to good strategies coming from businesses

Lamp Rendering

Rendering of Lamp

already reopening and will enact any municipal mandates that exist when we open.  Some of those strategies include accommodations that were already a part of the construction planning.

We will have restrooms equipped with touchless faucets, soap dispensers and air hand dryers all-in-ones.  These 3-in-1 faucets are completely touchless and installed at the sinks.  As you move your hands from left to right under this elongated faucet, you receive soap, then water to wash and finally an air dryer to dry.  This makes the entirety of hand washing touchless and sanitary.

Restrooms will include detection sensors for flushing.  These sensor-based flushers all conserve water by eliminating unnecessary pushing of handles. Even in a pre-pandemic world, cleanliness has been important to guests and to us, and a touchless design helps ensure that in this “new” world.

Throughout the facility, in key areas, we’ll have hand sanitizer stations.  These likely are not new to you since so many businesses have had to include them at their entrances.  We will be no different, of course, and guests will have ample options for sanitizing their hands throughout their experience without a trip to the restrooms.

We’re preparing to greet you with a world-renowned and stellar Visitor Services team.  This team will be responsible for providing guests the Lamps and collecting them as guests exit.  As there is a direct handoff, staff will be sanitizing the Lamps before they’re redistributed.  The Lamps are durable and sanitizing them is easily done.  This will ensure that Lamps are always sanitized and readily available for that next guest waiting to begin their experience of faith, liberty, justice and unity.

Of course, anything can change.  We’re very aware that protocols, either mandated or suggested, are constantly changing.  Monitoring the situation and keeping our guests safe during their experience with us is our utmost priority.  We take it very seriously and cannot wait to welcome you.  It’s truly an experience like no other.