Moving Toward Opening Day: A Construction Update

American Discovery, Vol. 3 Issue 1
Moving Toward Opening Day: A Construction UpdateAmerican Discovery, Vol. 3 Issue 1

It is probably no surprise that our physical construction is on pause during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s amazing to see, though, how quickly the landscape of the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center exhibit areas change as work has progressed and we move toward our opening. Pictures speak a thousand words, so we’re sharing the progress with you in photos this month.

This is a photo of the lobby with the roof and glass walls installed

We should note that although physical construction is on hold, we continue to move forward with other elements, such as media, fine-tuning of content, and technology. We’ll include any updates to our opening timeframe in our next newsletter.

For now, here are some construction highlights of areas that have experienced significant progress since our last newsletter:

Outer wall of Hope Gallery        Future Liberty Gallery at Faith and Liberty Discovery Center

       Outer wall of the Hope Gallery                                            The future Liberty Gallery

In the lobby, the roof is on and the glass walls are erected. Exhibit fabrication and media development are all well underway. Many interviews for the exhibits have been recorded and soundscapes edited.

White model of Faith and Liberty Discovery Center                Restrooms on the concourse level

         Early Discovery Center model                                                    Restrooms on Concourse level

We’ve selected Corian® for our 2½-story sculpture, the Beacon, in the lobby, and the timelines for fabrication and installation are being refined.




This is the oculus where the Beacon sculpture will extend through the ceiling

The Lamp technology, which drives the experience, is also making great progress. We’ll soon install the terrazzo flooring and metal inlays in the lobby.



Walls for the welcome experience


We’re looking forward to welcoming you! Stay tuned for more updates and progress in our next newsletter.