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Construction Update

American Discovery, Vol 2. Issue 1
Construction UpdateAmerican Discovery, Vol 2. Issue 1

After three and a half years of planning, designing and resource mobilization, the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center has started construction!

To bring this vision to life, American Bible Society has locked arms with an amazing team of designers (Local Projects and JacobsWyper), exhibit and media design fabricators and integrators (Hadley Exhibits and Zenith Systems), general contractor (LF Driscoll) along with a team of outstanding subcontractors, and our skilled project management team at Dan Bosin Associates.

So what can be expected over the next several months? 

First, the site is being cleared out and sculptures relocated in preparation for construction. Next, construction fences went up in mid-March as full demolition and erection of steel and glass walls began, with the outside building structure planned to be in place by early November. 

Simultaneously, the design and integration teams are developing the “Lamp”, “Liberty’s Light” and digital platform technologies, while the exhibit and media design teams are developing the gallery script and graphics and beginning pre-production of the media and interactive experiences.

What can you expect?

Unlike many “museums” that are 90% artifacts and 10% media, the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center will be introducing a next generation museum model to the industry, with content being 90% media and 10% artifacts.

Together with you, we are building one of the most interactive and immersive experiences in our nation, helping to bring the faith and liberty dimension of the American story to life for millions of annual visitors to Philadelphia. 

We are grateful to have you on this journey with us!
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