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The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center: A Museum of the Future

American Discovery, Vol 2. Issue 2
The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center: A Museum of the FutureAmerican Discovery, Vol 2. Issue 2

Unlike most “museums”, the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center will introduce new technology – a device – that allows each visitor to gather information and create their own personal website as they travel through the galleries and exhibits, allowing them to re-engage with and share the content they collected after their visit. The new technology will allow every visitor to take the museum home with them or to wherever they have access to a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, or smartphone.

The device is a sleek hand-held ergonomic “lamp” that will be issued to each visitor in the entrance lobby upon admission.  As part of their onboarding, visitors will be taught how to use their “lamp”. Throughout the galleries, visitors will find a collection symbol – a bullseye – next to anything they can gather, which could be an image, a Bible quote, a statement, an artifact, a piece of music, video stories of real people, and more. 

With their lamp, visitors will also be able to respond to prompts and even illuminate their personal collections together with others on a large gallery wall. But there is more. The lamp is also designed to activate and explore stories of history in a 3D immersive theater called Liberty’s Light – a gallery designed to tell Philadelphia’s story and its importance to America. 

And finally, after leaving the galleries, visitors will enter the gift shop and take-away lounge and will be able to dock their lamps on a digital table to design and create their own custom t-shirts, mugs, posters, and other one-off items. The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center’s gift shop will be a hybrid retail store with digital desktop maker stations, offering one more personalized way to interact with the content. 

The lamp technology being introduced at the Center will also allow families and groups to compare collections as part of school and other post-visit discussions, encouraging visitors to further reflect upon what inspired them, both historically and as it relates to their own personal stories. 

As a “museum of the future”, the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center hopes to inspire its visitors with meaningful stories beginning in late 2020 and beyond.

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